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Kate Scally

I believe that a good teacher helps students teach themselves.  Most of a student’s learning will be done on his or her own at home or in a practice room, so a teacher must give them the necessary tools to succeed, as well as constant support and encouragement.  My goal is to teach healthy, grounded singing, no matter what musical style my students are interested in pursuing.  I focus on balanced and centered body alignment, accurate body mapping, an easy breathing technique, and vibrancy/flexibility in sound.  If there is unnecessary tension or problems in these areas, this can hold students back from truly enjoying singing.


I am committed to helping students discover the joy of singing, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals.  This means that we approach songs not only with technique in mind, but with an eye to story telling, character motivations, and honest delivery of text.  The job of the student is to come prepared and curious, ready to explore, ask questions, and make discoveries about his or her instrument.  My job is to foster and keep their love of singing alive, to make it fun and interesting and fulfilling to sing.

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